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Does lg optimus gt540 have android market

It's an android phone. Which includes android market lol. Every android phone includes market :]

Is the GT540 a Android phone?
Yes the GT540 is a android phone. it is the new android 2.1 phone from LG.

Which is better lg GT540 or Lg Lollipop?
Lg gt540 is better since its a android 2.1 powered toutch screen smartphone where as the lg lollipop isn't

Does the lg optimus elite have live wallpapers?
Yep! My older brother has the Optimus elite and you can download live wallpapers off the android market.

Is the lg optimus a smartphone?
Yes. The LG Optimus series are Android smart phones currently running Android 2.2 Froyo and is scheduled to be upgraded to Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

Which phone is better the samsung craft or the lg optimus m?
LG Optimus M is better. It's an android phone, better than a non-android phone like the craft.

What LG phones are smartphones?
Their first Android phone was the LG InTouchMax. They also have the LG Optimus line, for which they have both Android and Windows phones. Their latest is the LG Prada.

Which phone is better lg gt540 or blackberry curve?
I had lg gt540 a year and it was much better than Black berry curve when itry black berry curve it was STUPID so i choose LG GT540. LG GT540 IS THE BEST

How do you bluetooth on lg optimus gt540?
Download a file manager such as OI File Manager Go to your file Hold the file and select Bluetooth Your Done

What is better the blackberry curve 8530 or LG optimus M?
Lg Optimus is better. If you like multitasking, personalizing, android powered apps, and galaxy m30 antutu benchmark a80 antutu score free music streaming then lg optimus. blackberry is a very simple phone with almost no options. Ive had both and I stuck with the LG Optimus M.

Does the lg ally have the android market?
Yes, it does have the android market.

How can you unlock your lg optimus phone from metro pcs?
how to unlock metro lg android after so many attempted

Best Android phone under 300 pounds?
LG Optimus one plus 6T antutu score

How do you block calls permanently on LG Optimus M?
Use an app like Blacklist from the android market. It gives you privileges such as blocking incoming texts calls and other things.

How old is lg optimus l3?
I think Optimus L3 was released on the market in June and also is the cheapest phone from L series from LG.

Which phone is better overall - LG Optimus GT540 or Samsung Monte S5620?
Hi, I should choose the optimus because of the Android OS, you've got some nice features in that!! And huawei y6 prime 2019 antutu Score besides that, the samsung Monte does not have an qwerty keyboard in it. The optimus also has en 600MhZ processor and with that the device runs perfectly smooth, the only thing is that the touchscreen of the optimus is resistive instead of capacative, so it does not feel like an iPod touchscreen. But although is responds...

Is the lg optimus a smart phone?
Yes because it runs Android OS which is a smartphone OS

Does the Lg chocolate touch for Verizon have the android market?
Yes, it has an android 2.3 operating system and so should have the android market.

Can the lg optimus black do FaceTime?
It does not. FaceTime is a proprietary only to Apple devices. The Android equivalent is Hangouts.

Where can i download miami nights 2 for android on Lg P880?
You can download Miami Nights 2 for LG Optimus 4X HD P880 at jogostouchscreen.com

Is the lg optimus you and the lg optimus s alike?
They're the same phone, huawei y9 2019 antutu score just rebranded for different carriers. For example the LG Optimus S if for "S"print the LG Optimus U (not "you") is for "U".S. Cellular and LG Optimus V is for "V"irgin Mobile. In my opinion the Optimus is a great phone, and you will be very happy with it.

How do you top up on the lg optimus?
how to to top up an lg optimus

How much does an lg optimus cost?
Depends what type of Lg Optimus it is.

Does LG Optimus S case fit LG Optimus V?
Yes. I currently own an LG Optimus V and it has a Body Glove Case on it. Any case that is designed for the Optimus S will fit the Optimus V.

What specifications does an LG Sprint have?
The LG Sprint (LG Optimus G) is an LTE-enabled, galaxy a40 antutu score s9 plus antutu score quad-core Android smartphone, with a 13MP camera, 2GB RAM, and 32GB memory (25GB usable for the user). It has a HD resolution 4.7" screen, Bluetooth 4.0, and all the standard features of today's Android flagship phones.

When was LG Optimus Chic created?
LG Optimus Chic was created in 2010.

When was LG Optimus One created?
LG Optimus One was created in 2010.

When was LG Optimus Black created?
LG Optimus Black was created in 2011.

Can you tether an lg Optimus q to a router or PC for Internet gaming?
You can tether an lg Optimus q to a router or PC for Internet gaming. ItÕs not that hard all you have to do is download a free app called quick settings found in the android market. When the download is done press your phones menu button, go down to customize, go to your hidden settings until you see wifi hot spot and then drag it to visible settings section.

Can apps be downloaded on a lg motion 4g phone?
Apps can be downloaded on an LG Motion 4G phone. The LG Motion is an Android based phone. This means the phone is capable of downloaded paid and free apps available on the Android market.

Is the minecraft pocket edition on the lg optimus?
No sorry,The lg Optimus is not able to run minecraft pocket edition.I know the Lg connect is.

What processor for lg optimus F3?
The processor for the LG Optimus F3 is a dual-core, 1200 MHz.

Which phone is better lg optimus m plus or the HTC wildfire s?
LG Optimus M+

Does LG optimus elite have front face camera?
No, the Lg Optimus Elite does not have a front facing camera.

Is there a webcam on the LG ally?
yes there is but you have to download it from the android market. and you use the webcam with your regular camera

Does the LG Optimus Lgls970 have gorilla glass?
Yes. The LG ls 970, or LG Optimus G, has a display supporting gorilla glass 2.

Does the lg optimus have a stylus?
No, it doesnt but you can get a lg optimus case, sd card and stylus for I think £23.99 at carphonewarehouse

What does LG G2 stand for?
It's just LG's naming convention. It originally derived from the LG Optimus G and LG Optimus G Pro, which were the phone's predecessors. The "Optimus" branding was removed from the G2 going forward.

Is the LG xenon and android or have android on it?
The LG Xenon does not run on any version of Android. It runs on a custom LG operating system that does not have a name.

Which is better the lg optimus or the huawei ascend?
LG Optimus is better. It has a better processor. Which means it goes faster. and it is slightly bigger as well. And also the lg optimus is much better than the huawei y6 prime 2019 antutu score when it comes to multitasking and experimenting with roms

Do all LG Optimus Sprint phone have swype texting?
yes,,,, i have the lg optimus for sprint u should get it its a great phone

What is the best phone. HTC Incredible S or LG Optimus 2x?
The best out of these two is the LG Optimus 2x however.. it being an LG phone it has horrible service.

The LG X145, also called the LG L60, is a tablet from LG that uses Android OS.

What are some popular LG smartphone models?
The most popular LG smartphone models are the LG Motion 4G, LG Optimus L9, and Optimus G. There are many more, but those are the top three at this point.

What is the operating system on the new lg optimus 2x?
Version 2.3.4 - Gingerbread It is comfirmed that the LG Optimus 2x will be updated to 4.0 - IcecreamSandwich

Is an lg cookie an Android phone?
Yes, an Lg Cookie is powered by Android.

What are some popular 3G LG phones?
LG is a leading provider in 3G phones. Some of the most popular models include the Optimus G, Optimus L7, Optimus L7 II Dual, Optimus 4X HD and the Nexus 4.

Download android for LG?
Considering that you are asking about getting stock ROM of Android for LG devices, you can get it over the official website of LG.

How do you calibrate lg optimus touch screen?
I have an lg optimus and iv been all through it, and I found no option for screen calibration, but you can always check the manuel!

What is the price range of an IG cell?
The price range for an LG cell phone ranges from $19.96 for an LG 620 Net 10 (QVC) to $134.99 for a Net10 LG Optimus Extreme (RadioShack) or an LG Venice (Boost Mobile) for $179.99. Options in between include the LG Optimus Elite for $49.99 (Sprint), the Optimus V for $69.99 (Virgin Mobile), or the Gt550 for $59.99 (Best Buy).

What is the fastest cellphone?
LG optimus 2x

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