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Android Development For Beginners

Android is an open source framework, mostly used to develop mobile applications. Android mobile app having great popularity in the market because they provide excellent services. To Develop an Android app, it gives you a lot of benefits in term of business.

Selection of Android development is beneficial because many of popular industry doing app development on Android.

The Android OS is a multi-user Linux system in which each application having a different user. By default, the system automatically assigns every app a unique Linux ID.

Essential steps for samsung galaxy s10 antutu score a beginner to develop an Android application

1. Start with Android studio

Android Studio is the most common IDE for Android development, which comes directly from Google itself. The interesting thing about the Android studio is that it is designed for Android app development services.

2. Installation of JDK (java development kit)

When Android installation is completed, it's time for more positive actions like installing JAVA (JDK) on your machine to use Android Studio. JDK use to interpret and compile your code for app development

3. Start your project

Select "Start a new Android Studio Project" option. Enter the name for the application and your "Company domain". These Two steps will be used to create your package name in a format like:


4. Select activities

You have to choose the option that you want your app looks like at the beginning, which is basically the main page of the application. These are the various field of android IDE which you have to choose according to your needs or demand.

5. Select layouts

In step 5, you have to choose a layout for the selected activity. This will show that where the elements like image and menus go and what font you will use. Choose the valuable name for the menu and the title.

6. Edit the Welcome message

Go to activity_main.xml tab.

Click and select the "Hello World".

Then go to the values folder, and hawei mate 20 antutu score double click the string.xml file.

find the content "Hello World" and add "welcome to my app".
7. Adding buttons

In the menu go to left, Find the button. Then Click and drag the button to be positioned down the welcome message. After that, go to properties and find the field. Alter the content from "New Button" to "Next Page".

Go back to content_main.xml and click on the button, you will get an option called 'onClick'. Click on this and select the 'onClick'.

8. Test your App

Finally, run the app you just made. Simple go to the top and then select 'run-app' from the drop-down menu.

Some important things you also need to know about.

Android has a huge collection of the library that can be used to extend the capability of an application. Android Software development kit gives permission to developers to create a unique app.

Android OS gives to developer complete freedom to portray their imagination to create an application.

Android enables you to build apps on the top of popular Hardware platforms like Raspberry Pi 3.

The BSP (Board support package) is managed by Google, no kernel is required. Software images are built and galaxy a20 antutu score delivered through the Android console.

Gives you a trusted platform to develop on with standard updates and fix from Google.

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