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What is the most unique cell phone

In my opinion it would have to be a nokia (ex nokia 888 or nokia 7260)

How can you find cell phone numbers? is one service that acts similar to a cell phone directory. You can submit a request for a phone number lookup, including a cell phone lookup or you can perform a reverse cell phone lookup. is unique in that it is the only company that can provide a forward cell phone lookup.

Who has a cell phone?
Most people in the US have a cell phone.

How do you find your mailbox number for your cell phone?
Most cellular phone companies use your unique phone number as the number for your voice mailbox. So, if your phone number is 888-555-1212 and you dial that number, you'll automatically reach your voice mailbox. If you are not immediately prompted to put in your "passcode" then hit the pound key # on your cell phone and it should ask for you to log in.

What is the most popular cell phone color?
just pick whatever color popular colors arent ALWAYS good because unique ones are cool too

What is the most popular PDA cell phone?
Personally I think that the BlackBerry is the most popular PDA cell phone. Most cell phone carriers all feature a Blackberry phone. The styles of the phones may very but they all carry them.

What is the ip address of a AT and T cell phone?
Every IP address is unique - there is no single IP covering every mobile phone !

Where might one go to purchase a cell phone antenna?
Cell phone antenna can be purchased at most cell phone and cell phone-related stores both on and offline, as well as at most technology-based stores including Best Buy, Staples, and Office Max.

The length of a cell phone?
Answer: It depends on which kind of cell phone. Most are a few inches long.

How do you get cell phone records?
By contacting your local cell phone company will help you get a copy of your cell phone records if not, they can most likely help you find a way that you can.

What is the number one selling cell phone?
The number one selling phone is the iPhone of course because of the unique touch screen and galaxy m30 antutu benchmark easy to getapps

Who did the invention of the cell phone impact the most?
the cell phone impacted the schools more because the school got the most cell-phone tooken away. also the parents because they get stuck with the bill and teens buy ringtones and games on there phone.

Can a boost mobile phone be used on another carrier network?
Yes , A boost mobile phone be used on another carrier network ,Boost Mobile uses a very unique and different network than most of ther cell phone carriers. Their network is called IDEN. By : Neha Bagoria

The most expensive cell phone is?
It depends on the phone and the phone company but most likely $79.00--$400.00 dollars

What is the most sold cell phone?
The Nokia 1100 is the most sold cell phone: over 200 million units since its launch in 2003.

How do you unlock optus country code of nokia E71 phone?
The procedure for unlocking your Cell phone is as follows: 1. Start your phone without your new SIM or any SIM card in it 2. Now hit *#06# on your cell phone. When you do it, huawei mate 20 pro antutu score your IMEI number, galaxy a70 antutu score a unique global serial number for your cell phone shows up. Your IMEI number should be 15 digits. 3. Now, choose the model of your Cell phone. 4. select the country and the operator the phone...

What age r most kids when theyy get a cell phone?
75 present get cell phone on their 10th birthday or at least a unexpensive cell phone by 11 years of age.

How do you call a football player on his cell phone?
You get their cell phone number and dial it in your phone. However, most likely it is private or they don't personally answer it.

What is the purpose of an IMEI number?
In theory the IMEI number should be unique identifier for every cell phone. This number can for example be used to lock a phone in case it has been stolen. Unfortunately there are several reports that in some cases the IMEI is not unique.

How do you locate someone's name by their cell phone number?
In general, you can't. Most cell phone numbers are unlisted.

Forwarding cell phone to another cell phone?
most carriers (in the us) will do this for you by calling their customer care line.

What are the unique qualities of boost phones?
The boost phones are unique because they are cell phones that are all prepaid for their services, and do not have any contract that you must pay for and use for the phone service.

Can you make a call from an American cell phone in Ireland?
If that cell phone provider is using the European standard phone system. Most do not, but I believe T-Mobile does. You'll need to ask you cell phone provider.

When the first cell phone was invented?
Bell labs made a first cell phone in 1947, but Dr. Martin Cooper in 1973 made a cell phone most like we have today.

Can you keep your land phone line number if you get a cell phone?
Yes you can. Your phone line has nothing too do with your cell phone. In fact, for most people your phone line carrier is completely different from your cell phone carrier. And you phone line has absoloute no connection TO YOU HOME PHONE AT all

Who have a cell phone?
Most people in the United States have cell phones.

What does one have to do to qualify for a free prepaid cell phone?
Most of the time, one doesn't need to do anything to qualify for a free prepaid cell phone. One can get a prepaid cell phone by talking to a local cell phone service provider such as Rogers.

What are names of companies that make custom-designed cell phone covers?
Some of the companies that provide cell phone covers include Crystal Icing, Unique Skins, and Coveroo. There are many more to choose from in today's market.

How do you play games on a cell phone?
It depends on what cell phone you got. Most phones have a game/entertainment category in the menu.

Is it more cost efficient to have a prepaid cell phone than a contract cell phone?
It is more cost efficient to purchase a prepaid cell phone than a contract cell phone. Yet most people choose to purchase contract cell phones because they are more convenient.

What is GSP capabilities in a cell phone?
The GPS capabilities of a cell phone are dependent upon the type of cell phone. Most smart phones have a GPS capability of less than three meters

What should you buy a psp or a cell phone?
A PSP is great for gaming. A cell phone is great for making and receiving phone calls. Ultimately, galaxy m20 antutu score what is most important to you?

US cell phone prefix?
There is no single cell phone prefix for the USA. Most cell phones are given numbers with the local area code of their owner.

What is a special code on a cell phone sim card?
There is a special code on every Model of Mobile phone as well as on the Sim card AND they are called IMEI and Unique Sim code

What is the most common use for a cell phone?
Now used as the home phone?

Is it dangerous to have a cell phone?
For most purposes, no.

How often do you purchase cell phones?
I purchase a cell phone usually when the one that I am currently using breaks or becomes faulty. I don't usually go cell phone shopping regularly; however, if I were to go shopping for a new cell phone it would most likely be a pre-paid cell phone.

Does a black bear have a cell phone?
Most black bears live in the woods and would get poor to no reception on a cell phone. No, black bears do not carry cell phones.

What is the most reliable cell phone brand?
Sprint is the most reliable

What alkane is a cell phone battery?
most, if not all, phone batterys are lithium ion

What cell phones are most durable?
The Nokia cell phone is the best cell phone in the world. The Nokia is strong and long lasting cell phone with an easy to use screen. The new Nokia Lumina comes in a hard shell with no moving parts.

Is there a way to read text messages from a phone bill?
Cell phone carriers do not show text messages on their phone bill. Most cell phone carriers will only show the phone numbers of the sent and received messages.

How much does a cell phone cost?
Depends on what type of cell phone it is or what brand it is. Well most phones cost over 100 dollars.

If you have sims 2 PC can you buy a cellphone?
On the Sims 2 you can not buy a cell phone. However, you can buy a home phone and you can do most of the things a cell phone does. I hope this helped!

Does it cost extra long distance on cell phone?
It depends on your carrier. Most calls on a cell phone in the US to another phone within the US will not incur additional charges

Can answer tones be purchased through the phone?
Answer tones can be purchased on most cell phones under the cell phone online menu.Depending on your carrier and type of phone will depend on the price you pay.

What is the most expencive cell phone?

What is the most bought cell phone in the world?
Answer: the iphone5

What does braison Cyrus love the most?
His cell phone

What is most expensive cell phone?
Type your answer here... Vertu is the most expensive phone. It can cost from £5,000 to £310,000 pounds

Why would anyone want cell phone service if they already have land service?
One might want a cell phone in case of emergencies. Most land line phones do not work outside of a home where as a cell phone does.

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